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The point here is, the first thing that pops into a man’s mind when he wants to approach a woman is, “Will she insult me?

” And with that one thought, a drum beat starts drumming away inside his head.

[Read: Should a girl accept a drink from a stranger? But these men take these little innocent glances as a sign of triumph.

They think they’re on stage two of hooking up, now that they’re past the ‘stare, watch, and wait for reciprocation’ stage, and they try giving women that creepy smile along with ‘the stare’.

But then, when men stare at women and the women don’t like it nor do they glance back, I really don’t think that qualifies for a flirtatious stare exchange.

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After a while, she told me about a guy who left the coffee shop just then. I was quite surprised because an occasional stare is complimenting, if the guy’s presentable enough.

The big men say this to cover up their own shortcomings with women.

The smaller boys use this as an excuse to squirm out of making a move on a girl.

But I guess it does bother women, because I’ve heard the story of the “scary stares” from girl friends one too many times.

I for one, have never really experienced an ugly reverse stare from a woman, so you can forgive me for not figuring this out earlier.

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