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If hooking up becomes more important than the friendship in a way that feels uncomfortable to you, it may be time to stop and go back to being just friends.A crucial part of making a FWB relationship work is ensuring that you can actually stay friends.“It was great for a few weeks until we started fighting and there was a lot of unwanted tension between us.It got so bad that we stopped speaking for a few months, so it definitely wasn’t worth going down that road.“I knew I didn’t want a boyfriend, and I loved the idea that [my best friend and I] could still hang out during the day and hook up at night when we wanted to with no strings attached,” says Maria, a senior at the University of Maryland.

While many casual hook-ups take this form in college, hooking up with a friend shouldn’t mean that your friendship goes out the window.

“I assumed that we would hook up when we saw each other at a party, but he wanted it to be more of something that we did during the week.

We were on completely different pages of what FWB meant, but once we talked about it, we were able to agree that in order for us to keep it casual, we had to both see other people.” While it helps to establish these boundaries before you get too deep into a FWB fling, if you’re still unhappy with the way things are going, have that conversation.

The difference between him/her and other casual hook-ups you may have is that he or she is a friend, so it’s probably easier to bring up those topics without feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

If you have the conversation and you still feel like FWB means two very different things to you both, consider going back to the “just friends” route.

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