Updating evidence based medicine

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New evidence continues to emerge and requires attention after the release of a clinical practice guideline (CPG).The objective of this article is to describe the Document Assessment and Review (DAR) strategy designed to ensue that the CPGs remain current and their quality maintained and to present the results of two iteration of its implementation.Of those 62, 19 (31%) were categorized as urgent, 16 (26%) as high, and others as medium or low priority.

The document was designed to help healthcare institutions prioritize and implement strategies to reduce the number of infections.

SSIs account for about 20% of all HAIs in hospitalized patients, and each case is associated with at least 7 days of prolonged hospitalization.

Research has indicated that SSIs account for .5 billion to billion annually in healthcare expenditures. Kaye notes that the outcomes and costs attributable to SSIs vary depending on the type of operation and the type of infecting pathogen.

Recently, SHEA and IDSA released an update of these guidelines and published them in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.

The updated evidence-based recommendations are broader and more inclusive than other clinical guidelines that are currently available.

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