Updating old fireplace mantel

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Colorful pottery and potted greenery atop the mantel soften hard edges and take the chill off gray stone.

When you do dip into the paint, you can create stunning contrast with opposite colors.

Choose a paint color for your mantel that contrasts with the color of your fireplace to make it stand out.

If you prefer a more subtle look, select a paint color that is a shade lighter or darker than your fireplace color.

You can keep the stone effect with a faux paint treatment that mimics the different tones in natural stone by randomly dabbing a damp sponge with a second paint color over the roller-painted stones.

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Fabulous oak mantle update before for after oak mantel makeover sometimes homemade.

A thorough cleaning to remove black soot from the stones can instantly renew a well-used fireplace and surround.

With a clean surface in place, add some real pizzazz to your gray stone fireplace with color, texture and accessories -- all keyed to your personal style and budget.

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