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Here you can see the gun has a wide slide that is typically found on a .45 caliber Glock 21.

As an interesting easter egg if you listen to this guy's dialogue while he is on the floor you can spot a reference to a certain movie with a similar scene.

It also has a fancy thumbhole stock, barrel ribbing, and a bayonet mount. Liberty City's criminals make extensive use of AK-47s. It also appears to have a much longer barrel than the standard 14.5 inch.

Interesting to note, while the shotgun is semi-automatic in normal combat, when blind-firing the weapon around a corner, Niko will rack a non-existent pump. It is also seen in Niko's hands to execute the final antagonist in the "Revenge" ending of the game (even if the player was not equipped with one before that cutscene). The "rifle in cover" hand positions seem designed for a gun with a magazine for Niko to rest the base of his left hand against; as can be seen here, this doesn't exactly work with the AK. Niko uses an M4A1 during the mission "Three Leaf Clover". This is a contradiction in the strictest sense, since "carbine" usually refers to a shortened version of a full-sized rifle or musket; "carbine rifle" would mean the weapon is both shortened and full-length. The basic bolt-action sniper rifle featured in the game is the Remington 700, used by the majority of marksmen.

Grand Theft Auto IV cost 0 million to produce, making it the most expensive videogame ever made.

That's according to Digital Battle, which has published a list of the top 10 biggest game budgets.

In addition, the front sights are simply a mirror image of the rear sights.

Though it's difficult to discern in-game, looking at the weapon's texture close-up reveals the number "22" on the slide, confirming that it is a Glock 22, despite its seventeen-round magazine not including a 2 round extension cap and in-game references to it being a "9mm".The in-game version has a side-mounted ejection port instead of the Ithaca's underside loading/ejection port, no loading port at all, and holds eight shells instead of the Ithaca's four.Packie Mc Reary uses one during "Three Leaf Clover" before switching to his AK-47 and Gordon Sargent uses one during the mission "Waste Not Want Knots".However, the top rail - a Mark XIX feature - is also visible in this image. Reloads in GTA IV are limited in detail due to the mostly static in-game weapon models; here Niko inserts an invisible magazine into his Desert Eagle, followed by miming pulling back the model's immobile slide.The slide also remains stationary when the weapon is fired.

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