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All Bugzilla installations are advised to upgrade to the latest stable version of Bu... NET 2.0 Hi Friend , I have to create one custom control that have some JS Script file and one web Server Control . Rajeev Kumar Tiwari Microsoft Professional Hi, From your description, you are wondering how can you develop a custom control involved with some javascript files and some web server controls, right?

For you first question, ac...custom logging in 2.0? I would like to create 3 different log files like logfile1.txt, logfile2.txt, logfile3and write some log based on some conditions and rules.

There were already an web.config in the server which is of 1.1. Can these 2 versions of the framework co-exist so I can carry on in Delphi with existing sites but start new ones in VWD?

But checked it is retrieving value for that web.config correctly. I did take the chance on one of my machines and both VWD and Delphi seem to compile their respective web apps okay. Security Advisory for Bugzilla 2.18, 2.19.2, and 2.16.8Summary ======= Bugzilla is a Web-based bug-tracking system, used by a large number of software projects.

I call the On Validating Password virtual method as shown in the ODBC sample: Validate Password Event Args args = ); On Validating Password(args); The values for the relevant are: Minimum password length: 7 Minimum non-alphanumeric characters: 1 Regular expression: (null) However, entering "myname" on the Change Password control does not cause args.

From the source code of sqlmembershipprovider (download from Toolkit Samples.msi), you can see the followinf code in Change Password Method. Length 128 ) Validate Password Event Args e = new Validate Password Event Args( username, new Password, false ); On Validating Password( e ); if( e.

Custom Membership Provider #2 I'm writing a custom Membership Provider using ASP. The ultimate goal is to use the custom data store in SQL Server 2000. NET (lots of problems in fact but one at a time ;) ) Ive made a script that allows people to signup and gain access to the website, they have a 'Profile' page that has the relevant fields so theyre able to write things about themselves, likes/dislikes etc etc. But at the moment lets say John (u ID2) wanted to *** around with Pauls (u ID3) account, all he has to do once logged in as himself is type in ".../edi...

But for the time being, I do not link the provider to any data store just for testing. Security Advisory for Bugzilla 2.18.5, 2.20.2, 2.22, and 2.23.2Summary ======= Bugzilla is a Web-based bug-tracking system, used by a large number of software projects.

NET Framework 2.0 Briefs/*********************************************************** Quote *********************************************************** As I write this column, version 2.0 of the Microsoft . When I got my bits, I hacked together a little program to dump all of the public members of all public types in the entire Framework and ran it on version 1.1 as well as 2.0. it alwais return args.cancel = False , even if the password in too short or don't respect Password Strength... u ID=1", the u ID and 1 represent the unique identifier from the database where the members details are stored.Reset Password(String, String) methods to raise the Membership Provider.Validating Password event if a Membership Validate Password Event Handler has been specified.Should i have to deply any other files and if not what can be the solution for this? This advisory covers two security bugs that have recently been discovered and fixed in the Bugzilla code: In all versions of Bugzilla since at least 2.16, it is possible to guess the name of a hidden product and have Bugzilla confirm that you were correct.In Bugzilla 2.18 and above, a user's username and password are sometimes exposed in the URL after generating a Report.

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