Who is memphitz bleek dating

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Three years ago, Memp Hitz made himself famous when he produced Huey's debut album, Notebook Paper.

In the time since then, he has become a household name.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Memphitz began working in the recording industry with an internship at Arista Records.

From there, he moved on to hosting "The Deal" on BET, and then began working for Jive Records.

She revealed to us that she's standing by her man..the same can't be said for him or his actions towards their marriage. Michelle and Christina Milian - and Toya didn't disappoint there either. On Memphitz’s claims that Toya is the reason he lost his job and his career I didn’t see the interview (see Sister 2 Sister interview below), but that’s what we’ve been dealing with. You know, maybe your husband feels like you’re the reason that this [situation] happened. All you can continue to do is be a good person and pray for him and help him get through it or whatever. used to date Memphitz before he married Toya and though K.Michelle didn’t name names, she did disclose on the premiere that she used to be in love with a man who helped her get a million dollar record deal but said he eventually ‘beat her a**’ and left her with nothing.” Memphitz was celebrating his anniversary in Paris when the show aired, but they don’t call it the World Wide Web for nothing.For the past few months, Toya Carter has been dating rap producer, Memp Hitz.The two met through Lil Wayne and their relationship has been happy on the outside.

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